• Tempura Vegetables

    Beetroot & Onion ‘Kakiage’ Tempura

    On the other day, when I was just about to make ‘Kakiage’, a type of Tempura, I wanted to use some vegetables that I have never used for this dish. I almost always use Carrot and Onion, then I tried to find something that would replace them. Carrot is an orange coloured rood vegetable. ‘Are …

  • Vegetables

    Watercress & Onion ‘Okaka-ae’

    ‘Okaka’ is another name for ‘Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked Bonito) shavings’, that is popularly used for many Japanese dishes. When Onions are in season, juicy and sweet fresh Onions are often consumed in ‘Okaka-ae’ which is a dish of very thinly sliced Onion mixed with ‘Okaka’ and seasoned with Soy Sauce. I added left-over …

  • Beef Potato


    ‘Niku’ means ‘meat’ and ‘Jaga’ comes from ‘Jagaimo’ that means ‘potato’. Meat and Potato are cooked often with Onion in sweet soy sauce flavoured broth. This is one of the most popular home style dishes in Japan. My children love this dish. So I have to cook it very often. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 …

  • Tempura Vegetables

    ‘Kakiage’ Tempura

    When I make Tempura, I most likely make ‘Kakiage’ as well, to finish off left-over batter. ‘Kakiage’ is a type of Tempura made with a variety of thinly sliced or chopped Vegetables and Seafood. The most popular ingredients for ‘Kakiage’ are probably Carrot and Onion, as most households have them in their pantry. Ingredients Tempura …

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