In Melbourne where I live, the price of Cabbage is unbelievable lately. The other day I bought a Savoy Cabbage and didn’t want to waste the outer leaves that were quite tough. Then I did an experiment. I have heard of Kale Chips, which is oven-baked Kale leaves. I baked Cabbage outer leaves in the same way. They burnt!!! I didn’t want to give up and tried again. Second attempt was a success. I enjoyed these crispy, but a little bit too salty Cabbage Outer Leaf Chips. My conclusion is that you need to bake at a LOW temperature and season VERY LIGHTLY, and WATCH CLOSELY as they can burn easily.


Cabbage Outer Leaves

Olive Oil *OR Oil of your Choice
Spice *e.g. Pepper, Cumin, Chlili, Curry Powder, etc.
*Note: I used Pepper, and I added Garlic Powder as well.

  1. Preheat oven to 120ºC. Line a baking tray with baking paper if required. *Note: Bake at a low temperature. My oven works best at 120℃, but you need to lower the temperature. Fan forced baking might work better.
  2. Wash Cabbage Outer Leaves, dry with tea towel very well, remove the hard veins that are just too tough to eat, and cut into chunky pieces. *Note: Cabbage Leaves will shrink a lot when baked.
  3. Drizzle Oil, toss and mix, and coat each piece very lightly. Spread the Cabbage pieces on the prepared baking tray evenly in a single layer, and season lightly with Salt & Spice of your choice. Today I used White Pepper.
  4. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes OR until crispy. Watch closely as they can burn easily. Thinner parts get crispy quicker, so take them out earlier.
  5. *Note: You might be interested in ‘Spicy Cabbage Outer Leaves’ and ‘Cabbage Outer Leaves & Prawns Okonomiyaki’.