As it is so difficult to find Japanese ‘Shiso’ Perilla where I live, I bought seeds online and I have been trying to grow myself. Japanese ‘Shiso’ seeds were unsuccessful and I am trying again, but half-purple type perilla is growing so quickly and the leaves grow very large. The fragrant is not quite strong but they are growing amazingly well. Now there are too many. What can I use them? This is one way you can use a lot of leaves.


40 to 50 Perilla ‘Shiso’ Leaves *chopped
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Mirin
1 teaspoon Sugar

  1. Place all ingredients in a sauce pan and cook until the liquid is almost gone.
  2. Enjoy it with freshly cooked rice. It is a perfect ‘Otsumami’, too. *Note: ‘Otsumami’ is something to nibble often with drink which is most likely alcoholic drink.