You might have seen a bag of fine purple crumbles at Asian grocery stores. The product’s name is ‘Yukari (ゆかり)’ and it’s a Furikake (Rice Seasoning). You sprinkle it over cooked rice or mix with cooked rice. These purple crumbles are dried Red Shiso leaves, that are most commonly used to pickle Ume (similar to Apricot) fruits. ‘Yukari’ is a super popular Furikake in Japan. It can be used for so many dishes as a seasoning.


1 Serving


1 serving Cooked Short Grain Rice *about 150g
1/2 to 1 teaspoon ‘Yukari’

  1. Mix ‘Yukari’ with freshly cooked Short Grain Rice. I sprinkled extra ‘Yukari’ for the above photo.
  2. Perfect for Onigiri OR Onigirazu.