A 180ml measuring cup usually comes with the rice cooker. This 180ml size cup is commonly used for measuring Rice in Japan and a 180ml cupful is called 1 ‘Go‘.


4 Servings


3 cups (*180ml cup) Japanese Short Grain Rice

  1. Wash Rice by stirring it thoroughly in water and drain. Repeat this a couple of times until water flows through clear.
  2. Place it into the cooker’s inner pot and add Water.
  3. *Most rice cookers have graduations marked on the side, to indicate appropriate water levels. If your rice cooker doesn’t have these graduations, add an amount of cold water equal to about 120% of the volume of the rice.
  4. Press the Cook/Start button. When the rice is cooked and steamed, open the lid and toss the rice lightly with a shamoji (rice paddle) or wooden spoon. By wetting the shamoji or wooden spoon first, the rice won’t stick to it quite so much.