My mother used to cook rice in a pressure cooker. I still remember that the cooking time was 5 minutes. Same volume of Rice & Water. It is the easy & quick method, that cooks great rice. Because my rice cooker is dying, I tried the pressure cooker method today. WOW!!! Pressure cooker cooks much better than the rice cooker’s ‘Quick Cook’.

However, you must follow your pressure cooker’s instruction and must NOT cook too much rice. I cook up to 4 cups (*180ml cup) rice in my 4.5L pressure cooker.


4 Servings


2 cups (180ml) Japanese Short Grain Rice
2 cups (180ml) Water *add slightly more if you like softer texture

  1. Wash rice by stirring it thoroughly in water and drain the water. Repeat this a couple of times until water flows through clear. Drain and place it in the pot.
  2. Add an amount of cold water equal to the volume of the rice. If possible, let the rice soak in this water for 30 minutes, or even for 10 minutes, before cooking it.
  3. With the lid on the pot, cook the rice over a medium heat. Once the pressure is on, reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes under pressure.
  4. Allow the rice to keep steaming for 10 minutes or until the lid can be removed.
  5. Remove the lid and loosen gently.