In Japan, I used to enjoy many traditional food made from fish such as ‘Chikuwa’, ‘Kamaboko’, ‘Fish Sausages’, etc. One of my favourite is deep-fried fish patties with squid pieces in them. The only way for me to eat them now is making them by myself. One day I reluctantly tried and discovered it is actually very easy thanks to my food processor. If you have one, try this great looking dish. It doesn’t take long and so easy to cook and delicious.


16 Patties (4 Servings)


Squid 250 to 300g *squid tubes are easiest to manage
White-flesh Fish Fillet 250g
Edamame Beans removed from pods 1/2 cup
Salt & Pepper

  1. Clean Squid and Fish Fillet, cut into small pieces and place them in a bowl of a food processor. Add a pinch of Salt and Pepper, and process until paste-like texture is achieved, but do not over process until too smooth.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl, add Edamame and combine well.
  3. Heat small mount Oil in a frying pan over a medium heat. Put some Oil on your hands so the mixture won’t stick, make 5cm size patties and cook on the frying pan until golden and cooked though.
  4. Serve with your favourite dipping sauces. I recommend ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’, ‘Ponzu’, ‘Thai Dipping Sauce’ or ‘Garlic Soy Sauce’.