I love Avocado. I love Tofu. I love Wasabi & Soy Sauce. How about combine all of them. It’s a simply heavenly dish and one of the easiest dishes to make. No cooking required. If you don’t like Wasabi, use only Soy Sauce. It’s still so good.


2 Servings


Avocado 1/2 to 1
Tofu 200 to 250g *silken or soft type recommended
Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon or more
Wasabi 1 teaspoon or more
Toasted Sesame Seeds 1 to 2 teaspoons *optional
Toasted Nori

  1. Cut Avocado and soft Tofu in small size.
  2. Mix Wasabi and Soy Sauce in a large bowl, add Avocado, Tofu and Sesame Seeds, and gently combine. Sprinkle some shredded Nori on top and enjoy.
  3. It can be served with freshly cooked rice.