More than 50 years ago, in a small town in Japan, the pre-school that I went to was like child day-care, and a hot lunch or light snack was provided every day. The most memorable food I tasted at the pre-school was this ‘Kinako Macaroni’. I still fondly remember the day it was served for the first time. It was sweet, yummy, and I loved it.


1 Serving


1/4 cupful Macaroni
1 tablespoon Kinako (Finely Ground Roasted Soy Beans)
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 pinch Salt

  1. Cook Macaroni in the boiling water as normal, but longer than instructed until very soft. *Note: You wouldn’t need to add Salt to the water.
  2. When cooked, drain well, and allow to cool slightly so that Macaroni will dry.
  3. Combine Kinako, Sugar and Salt. Mix 1/2 of Kinako mixture with slightly cooled Macaroni. Add remaining Kinako mixture and mix well. Enjoy while Macaroni are soft.