The other day my daughter asked me if I had a recipe for ‘No-Egg Tiramisu’. I though the cream can be made without Eggs, but how could I make Sponge Fingers without Eggs? That’s the beginning of my challenge to create ‘No-Egg Sponge’ recipe. I got a hint from ‘Theo’s Sponge’, that is made with Custard Powder.

This ‘No-Egg Sponge’ didn’t rise very tall when I baked it in a 18cm tin, as you can see in the image below. If you want more height, use a smaller tin. I tried to add extra Baking Powder to make the cake taller. Every time I added extra Baking Powder, the cake cracked. It rose more, the texture was fluffier and I liked it, but the cake cracked. It doesn’t matter if you decorate the cake with Cream, OR use it for Tiramisu.

Cake Tin

18cm OR Smaller Springform Round Cake Tin


3/4 cup Milk *warmed
60g melted Butter OR 1/4 cup Oil
1 pinch Salt *if you use Oil rather than Butter
2 tablespoons Custard Powder *You can increase the amount to 4 tablespoons
1/3 cup Caster Sugar
1 & 1/4 cups Self-Raising Flour *about 150g
Extra Baking Powder *I added 1/2 teaspoon for the above cracked cake
*Note: Extra Baking Powder is optional. Please note that the cake might crack if you add extra Baking Powder.

  1. Preheat oven to 170℃. Line the base and sides of 18cm OR smaller round cake tin with baking paper.
  2. In a mixing bowl, whisk warmed Milk, melted Butter (OR Oil), Custard Powder, Sugar and Salt (if you use Oil) until blended well.
  3. Sift in Flour (and extra Baking Powder if you add it) and whisk well until thick and smooth. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 25 to 30 minutes OR until cooked through.
  4. Turn out on a wire rack, carefully peel away baking paper, and leave to cool.