Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that is fermented vegetables with a variety of seasonings including a lot of Garlic and Chilli. The smell of Kimchi overwhelms my kitchen every time I open the jar, but I absolutely love it. Do you know that Kimchi is really lovely in the Miso Soup?


4 Servings


4 cups Dashi Stock *See ‘Dashi Stock’ page
2 to 3 leaves Wombok
5cm Daikon
2 to 3 tablespoons Miso
2 to 3 tablespoonfuls Kimchi
2 Spring Onion *finely chopped

  1. Cut Wombok and Daikon into small bite-size pieces. Cut Kimchi also into small bite-size pieces if large.
  2. Heat Dashi Stock in a saucepan, add Wombok and Daikon, and cook on medium heat until soft.
    *Note: Use about 2 teaspoons Dashi Powder for 4 cups Water OR according to the instruction on the package.
  3. Add Miso and Kimchi. *Note: Kimchi is salty. Do not add too much Miso.
  4. Sprinkle with finely chopped Spring Onions and serve.