‘Kimu-Taku’ stands for ‘Kimuchi (Kimchi) and Takuan (Japanese Pickled Daikon) and you may interested in my fried rice dish ‘Kimu-Taku’ Rice. I stir-fried Squid, that is marinated in Miso sauce, with Kimchi and Takuan. If you love Kimchi and Takuan, this dish is irresistible.


2 Servings


1 Squid Tube *about 150g
1 tablespoon Miso *dark colour type recommended
1 tablespoon Sake (Rice wine)
1 tablespoon Mirin
1 teaspoon grated Ginger
1 teaspoon Sugar *add more if you like it sweeter
2 to 3 tablespoonfuls Wombok Kimchi
2 to 3 tablespoonfuls sliced Takuan (Japanese Pickled Daikon) *Today I used my ‘Soy Sauce Pickled Daikon’

1 Spring Onion *finely chopped
Toasted Sesame Seeds

  1. Cut Squid Tube into the size that is easy to eat. I made shallow cuts on one side before cut into small pieces.
  2. In a bowl, combine Miso, Sake (Rice wine), Mirin, Ginger and Sugar. Add Squid pieces and marinate for 15 minutes.
  3. While marinating, prepare vegetables. Cut Kimchi and Pickled Daikon into smaller pieces or strips if large. Finely chop up Spring Onion.
  4. Heat Sesame Oil in a frying pan over medium heat, add Squid and all marinade into the pan and cook until Squid changes colour and the sauce thickens. Add Kimchi, Takuan and Spring Onion, stir to combine. And that’s it!
  5. Half fill a bowl with Freshly Cooked Rice and cover it with ‘Kimu-Taku’ Squid mixture, and sprinkle with some Toasted Sesame Seeds.