I sometimes crave for Japanese sweets, which I know I can’t purchase from any shops near my home. Therefore I have to make them if I want to eat them. These ‘Kintsuba’ Azuki Cakes are easy to make. Set ‘Tsubu-an’ (Sweet Azuki Paste) with Kanten, and coat the surfaces with batter. It’s easy enough to bother making them and I enjoy these cakes with a nice cup of green tea.


10 to 12 Cakes


1 cup ‘Tsubu-an’ (Sweet Azuki Paste) *about 250 to 300g
2g Kanten Powder
100ml Water
1 tablespoon Sugar
1/4 cup Plain Flour *OR Plain Flour 3 tablespoons & Glutenous Rice Flour 1 tablespoon
1/4 cup Water

  1. Place Water and Kanten Powder in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Keep boiling for 2 minutes occasionally stirring.
    *Kanten needs to be boiled in the water to dissolve.
  2. Add Sugar and ‘Tsubu-an’ (Sweet Azuki Paste) and mix well.
  3. Line a square 20cm cake tin or a container with plastic food wrap, pour the mixture and smooth the surface. Let it set in the refrigerator.
  4. When the mixture is firmly set, cut into smaller squares.
  5. Mix Plain Flour (OR Plain Flour & Glutenous Rice Flour) and Water in a bowl to make the batter.
  6. Heat a frying pan over a low heat and Oil very lightly. Dip one of the surfaces of a block of firmly set mixture in the batter, cook the surface. Repeat for all six sides of the block. Re-apply Oil to the pan as necessary. Once you know how, you can cook several blocks at same time.
  7. If the excess batter flanges along the edges, you may wish to trim them with kitchen scissors or a knife. Serve at room temperature or cold with nice green tea.