Edible Chrysanthemum, ‘Shungiku’ in Japanese, is totally different from ‘Chrysanthemum’, and it is a vegetable in the daisy family. Its strong and distinguish flavour is something you love or hate. I hated it when I was a child, but now I love it. If you love it, you will enjoy this rice dish. It’s very simple yet delicate and full of this vegetable’s flavour.


4 Servings


2 cups (*180ml cup) Japanese Short Grain Rice
1/2 bunch Shungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum) *about 200g
1 to 2 teaspoons Sesame Oil
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoon Toasted Sesame Seeds

  1. Wash Rice then cook as normal.
  2. Wash Shungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum) and cut about 1cm.
  3. Heat Sesame Oil in a frying pan over medium to high heat and cook SHungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum). When cooked, season with Salt. You may wish to add extra Salt, but I recommend to season very lightly.
  4. Add Toasted Sesame Seeds and mix with freshly cooked rice.