I am not vegetarian and I cook meat almost everyday as my husband loves meat. But I often prefer plant-based food. Today I cooked this ‘Simmered Daikon & Abura-age’ for myself. I ate it with freshly cooked rice, ‘Sunomono’ (vinegared vegetables) and miso soup. This kind of Japanese style meal is becoming more comforting for me.


4 Servings


1 medium size Daikon *400 to 500g
Water *enough to cover Daikon pieces
1 teaspoon Dashi Powder
1 tablespoon Sake (Rice Wine)
2 tablespoons Sugar
2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
3 sheets ‘Abura-age’ (Fried This Tofu)

  1. Remove skin of Daikon and cut in half or quarters in lengthways. Slice into about 1cm thin pieces. Cut each Abura-age (Fried This Tofu) 2cm in width.
  2. Place Daikon in a large saucepan, add Water just enough to cover, and add Dashi Powder. You can use your home-made dashi stock for this.
  3. Add Sake (Rice Wine) and Sugar, place ‘Abura-age’ pieces on top, and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to medium low, cover with lid, and cook for 15 minutes or until Daikon is cooked.
  4. Remove the lid, add Soy Sauce, and cook over medium heat, occasionally tossing, for 10 minutes or until the sauce thickens.