Cinnamon flavoured Apple Pie is of course lovely and I like it the best, but today I added Lemon Curd to the filling for a change. For Apple Pie, I prefer Shortcrust Pastry to Puff Pastry. Make slightly more pastry and use the same pastry for the crumble. This recipe is based on my ‘Cherry Crumble Pie’ recipe. It’s much easier than you think.

Pie Dish

I used 22.5cm Pie Dish


Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
125g Butter *softened
2 tablespoons Caster Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
1 & 1/4 cups Plain Flour *1 cup is 250ml

3 to 4 Apple
2 tablespoons Corn Starch
4 tablespoons Lemon Curd

  1. Apples need to be precooked. Peel, cut into small pieces, cook with 1-2 tablespoons Water until slightly softened, then cool.
  2. To make Shortcrust Pastry, mix softened Butter and Sugar until smooth. Add Egg Yolk and mix until creamy.
  3. Add Plain Flour and mix as you cut the butter mixture into flour. After mixing, it might look too DRY, but do not add Water. Use your hands to bring the mixture together into a dough.
  4. Save 1/4 of the Pastry for crumble topping, spread 3/4 of the Pastry in a 22.5cm OR similar size pie dish evenly, and press using your fingers. If you want to roll the pastry into a sheet, place the dough between 2 sheets of baking paper, roll until 4-5mm thick, then lay in the dish.
  5. Preheat oven to 200°C.
  6. Place cooked Apple pieces in a bowl, but avoid any liquid. Add Corn Starch and Lemon Curd, and mix to combine.
  7. Spread the Apple Filling over the Pastry in the pie dish, cover with the crumbled made with the saved Pastry.

  8. Place the pie in the oven, lower the heat setting to 180℃, and bake for 40 minutes or until pastry is golden. It might take extra time for the bottom to get golden. If the top OR edges get too dark, cover with a sheet of foil.
  9. Allow to cool at least until pastry is firm. Enjoy with whipped Cream OR Ice Cream.