You can make an instant Kimchi by dressing Vegetables with my ‘Kimchi Flavoured Sauce’. You can add Oil such as Sesame Oil and more Vinegar to the sauce, and make salad dressing. My ‘Kimchi Flavoured Sauce’ is very versatile. Today I simply combined Fish Balls and Salad Vegetables with the sauce.


4 Servings


12 Fish Balls *about 140g
3 to 4 cupfuls Salad Vegetables *Today I used Cucumber, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Capsicum and Wombok
2 tablespoons Kimchi Flavoured Sauce *add more if required

  1. Blanch Fish Balls in water in a saucepan, drain, and cut in half.
  2. Cut all Salad Vegetables into slices and strips in the size that is easy to eat. Place in a mixing bowl, add Fish Balls and Kimchi Flavoured Sauce, and mix to combine. Serve immediately.