Do you want to use the softened Kombu (Kelp) after making Dashi Stock? Do you want to slice the slippery Kombu for cooking? This is how I slice it. It’s not hard even with my achy hand. You only need a simple trick.

  1. Clean Dried Kombu (Kelp) and soak in cold water until soft.
  2. The softened Kombu is very slippery when wet. Dry the surface with paper towel and place the Kombu pieces, if there are more than one, on a cutting board in the same direction.

  3. *Note: A body of Kelp has a long flat leaf-like structure. Place all pieces same sideways.
  4. Tightly roll them up and secure the centre with a toothpick. If you have a kitchen string, I strongly recommend to use it as well. You can secure at more than one spots.
  5. Use a sharpe knife to thinly slice. *Note: Clean the knife occasionally.

  6. The photo below is ‘Kombu Tsukudani’.