On the other day, my husband bought a huge carton of 3 dozens of eggs at a local market. That day I also bought 1 carton of eggs being unaware there was 1 carton of eggs in the fridge. So we ended up having 60 eggs! I cooked this dish to use up the eggs. Since then, I have been cooking this dish quite often because my family loves it.


4 Servings


Cabbage 1/2
Eggs 4 to 6
Vegetable Oil 2 tablespoons
Sake 2 tablespoons
Water 1/4 cup
Asian Chicken Bouillon Powder 1 teaspoon
Salt & White Pepper
Potato Starch 1/2 teaspoon
Water 2 teaspoons
Spring Onion 1 to 2 *finely chopped

  1. Cut Cabbage into 3 to 4cm size. Crack the eggs into a medium mixing bowl, add a pinch of Salt and whisk lightly.
  2. Heat Oil in a large frying pan over medium to hight heat, cook Eggs quickly just like cooking ‘scrambled Eggs’. Remove the cooked eggs onto a plate and set aside.
  3. Add Cabbage to the frying pan and stir fry over medium heat, add Sake to help steam cook the cabbage. Then add Water and Chicken Bouillon Powder.
  4. When Cabbage is cooked, thicken the liquid with Potato Starch and Water mixture, but you might need only small amount of it. It all depends how much liquid you have. Salt & Pepper to season.
  5. Add the cooked Eggs and gently combine. Sprinkle the chopped Spring Onion and serve.