‘Kurumi’ means walnuts in Japanese. ‘Kurimi-ae’ is a dish of vegetables dressed with sweet soy sauce base ’Walnut Sauce’, that is very similar to ‘Goma-ae’ Sauce. I always toast walnuts first to get rid of unpleasant bitterness. As you know, walnuts are widely recognised as nutrient-dense food. This dish is absolutely nutritious as well as tasty.


4 Servings


Spinach 1 bunch (250 to 300g) *OR Shungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum)
Walnuts 1/3 cupful
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Mirin 1 tablespoon
Soy Sauce 2 tablespoons

  1. Toast Walnuts slightly and grind coarsly. Add Sugar, Mirin and Soy Sauce and mix well to make sauce.
  2. Wash Spinach well and boil in boiling water until tender. Dip in cold water to stop cooking further, drain well and squeeze to remove excess water. You must not over cook Spinach because it should retain tender-crisp texture.
  3. Cut into 5cm length and mix with Sauce.