I sometimes crave ‘Zōsui’ (a Japanese Rice Soup), especially when I am unwell. On the other day I did crave it, but I had no leftover cooked rice to make it. I didn’t bother cooking rice for it. Then I decided to use Oats, that can be cooked quickly. The porridge was delicious and I wondered why I had never tried it before. I think Miso is better than Soy Sauce for seasoning this porridge. For its creaminess, I recommend White Miso.


1 Serving


2/3 cup Water
1/8 teaspoon Dashi Powder *optional
2 teaspoons White Miso *OR Miso of your choice, alter the amount depending on the saltiness of the Miso you use
1/3 cup Rolled Oats
1/2 Spring Onion OR some Garlic Chives *finely chopped

  1. Heat Water and Dashi Powder in a small saucepan. Dissolve Miso, add Oats, and cook until Oats are cooked. Add finely chopped Spring Onion (OR Garlic Chives) and mix to combine.
  2. *Note: You can add some condiments. The below photo it the Miso Oats Porridge with Kimchi.