This dish is traditionally prepared to celebrate special occasions in Japan, because of its red colour which is symbolic of happiness. The dish is called ‘Sekihan’ (Red Rice) in Japan and it is steamed ‘Mochi-gome’ (Short Grain Glutinous Rice) with ‘Sasage Beans’ that are very similar Azuki Beans. These days more people conveniently cook it using rice cooker. But there are some tips to remember.


4 to 6 Servings


2 cups (*180ml cup) Glutinous Rice *short grain preferred
1 cup (*180ml cup) Japanese Short Grain Rice
1/3 cup Azuki (Red Beans)
500ml Water
1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon Salt *I think 1 teaspoon is too salty.
Toasted Black Sesame Seeds & Salt

  1. Place washed Azuki (Red Beans) and Water in a large saucepan and cook for about 30 minutes until beans are just cooked but still firm.
  2. When beans are cooked, drain and save the liquid, which will be used to cook rice.
  3. Wash Rice and drain. Place Rice and Azuki Beans in the rice cooker’s inner pot, add 450ml (just less than 500ml) of cooled red liquid and Salt, mix evenly. *Note: If the red liquid is not enough, add some water to make about 450ml.
  4. Press the Cook/Start button. When the rice is cooked and steamed, open the lid and toss the rice gently trying not to break beans.
  5. Traditionally sprinkle some Black Sesame Seeds and Salt over the top and serve.