‘Shira-ae’ is a type of ‘Ae-mono’, Japanese style salad, which is mixed with mashed Tofu. The most common ‘Shira-ae’ is probably Spinach ‘Shira-ae’, but a variety of Vegetables, Mushrooms and Konnyaku (Konjac) are used for this dish. I used Rockets because I have a lot of them in my veggie garden. Please use Spinach if you prefer. Rocket (or Spinach) can be fresh or blanched. Some people use only tofu, some add sesame seeds or walnuts. Sugar and Soy Sauce are usually used for seasoning but I use White Miso as well.
It is one of the most traditional dishes but I have never seen any similar dishes at Japanese restaurants in Australia.


4 Servings


Rockets (or Spinach) 120g *if you blanch them, use as much as you want
Tofu 200 to 250g *soft type recommended
Toasted Walnuts 1/4 cup OR Toasted Sesame Seeds 2 tablespoons
White Miso 1 tablespoon
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon

  1. Soft type of Tofu like Silken Tofu and Momen Tofu often contain a lot of water. Drain on a colander for half an hour.
  2. Toast Walnuts (or Sesame Seeds) and grind coarsely. Add Miso, Sugar and Soy Sauce and mix well. Add Tofu and mix until well combined and fairly smooth.
  3. Wash Rocket (or Spinach) well and drain. *If you wish to blanch them, cook in boiling water very quickly or alternatively you place the leaves in a colander or a large strainer and pour the boiled hot water carefully over the leaves. Dip in cold water to stop cooking further, drain well and squeeze to remove excess water.
  4. Combine all well. Top with some Walnuts (or Sesame Seeds) and serve.