‘Takuan’ is Japanese pickled Daikon. As ‘Takuan’ is commonly seasoned with Salt, Sugar and Vinegar, it can be a great ingredient for salads. Today I mixed it with Cabbage. I often use boiling kettle water to slightly cook Cabbage, so that I can reduce the volume. You may wish to blanch it in salted water.


4 Servings


2 large Cabbage Leaves *about 200g
2 tablespoons Ponzu *OR 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce & 1 tablespoon Rice Vinegar
1 teaspoon Sugar *optional
1 teaspoon Chilli Garlic Sauce
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
30 to 40g Takaun (Pickled Daikon) *thinly sliced
1 Spring Onion *finely chopped
Toasted Sesame Seeds

  1. Cut Cabbage leaves into 3 to 4cm size. Place them in a colander and pour over boiling hot water to cook them slightly. If you prefer cooking them in a pot, cook only for a very short time only. Cool in cold water, then drain and squeeze to remove excess water.
  2. Combine Ponzu, Sugar, Chilli Garlic Sauce and Sesame Oil in a mixing bowl, add the squeezed Cabbage and mix well. Add extra Ponzu if required.
  3. Add thinly sliced Takuan and mix to combine. Sprinkle with finely chopped Spring Onion and Toasted Sesame Seeds.