This is my Korean Bibimbap-inspired rice bowl, that can be made easily if you have ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce. Today I added leftover Spinach ‘Namul’ and Carrot ‘Namul’, both are Korean style dishes, but you can add stir-fried Vegetables of your choice, and you can season the stir-fry with ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce as well.


1 Serving


80g Beef OR Pork *cut into bite-size pieces
Oil for cooking
1 tablespoon ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce *store-bought ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce is OK
1 serving warm Cooked Rice
1 Egg *cooked in your favourite way

Additional Vegetables
Spinach ‘Namul’
Carrot ‘Namul’
Stir-fried Vegetables of your choice *e.g. Onion, Capsicum, Bok Choy, Bean Shoots, etc.
*Note: ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce can be used to season stir-fried Vegetables.

  1. Prepare Egg and Vegetables. To season stir-fried Vegetable, you can use Salt & Pepper, but I recommend to use ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce.
  2. To cook Beef (OR Pork), heat a small amount Oil in a small frying pan over high heat, cook Meat. When nicely browned, lower the heat, add ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce, and stir to combine.
  3. Half fill a bowl with warm Cooked Rice and cover it with Meat, Vegetables and Egg. Drizzle extra ‘Yakiniku’ Sauce if required and enjoy.