Baked Apple is a yummy dessert. This is a quick and easy microwave version. It is an energy efficient way to cook Apple. I cut Apple in half so it will be cooked even more quickIy. I believe Apple would taste better when cooked at medium power than high power, though it takes longer time. What you have to do is simple. Heat Apple in the microwave until soft.


1 Serving


1 Apple
2 teaspoons Brown Sugar
2 teaspoons Butter
Ground Cinnamon to serve *optional
Roasted Almonds to serve *optional, coarsely chopped
Whipped Cream, Ice Cream OR Sour Cream to serve

  1. Cut Apple in half and remove the core. *Note: You may wish to peel the skin for extra soft result.
  2. Place the Apple in a shallow bowl, add 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar and Butter in the hole of each piece, add some Sultanas as well if you like.
  3. Cover with a plate OR food cover that is suitable for the use in the microwave, and cook at medium power, about 600W, for 3 minutes. Carefully rotate the Apple pieces in a different direction, so that they will be cooked evenly, and cook 2 more minutes. Cook extra time as required until Apple is soft.
  4. *Note: I have found that Apple can be cooked better at medium power than high power, though it takes longer time. Some types of Apple requires longer cooking time.
  5. Place cooked Apple pieces in a serving bowl, pour the sauce, add some Ground Cinnamon and Roasted Almonds, and enjoy with Whipped Cream, Ice Cream OR Sour Cream.