A few days ago, I went to an Asian grocery store in Doncaster East. I knew the shop for a long time but I had never visited. The shop was not like the typical Asian grocery store. I should call it an Asian supermarket. There were so many fresh vegetables and the prices were amazing. A huge bunch of Edible Chrysanthemum cost me only $4!!! I have cooked a variety of dishes using the Edible Chrysanthemum since the purchase, and this is one of them. I enjoyed it with freshly cooked Rice. I love this type of dish.


4 Servings


2 sheets Abura-age (Frice Thin Tofu)

250 to 300g Edible Chrysanthemum
2 tablespoons Potato Starch OR Corn Starch *mixed with 2 tablespoons Water

2 cups Dashi Stock *OR 2 cups Water & 1 teaspoon Dashi Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt *alter the amount
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Mirin

  1. Wash Edible Chrysanthemum and cut into 7-8cm long pieces, and separate thick and hard parts and soft leaves. Cut Abura-age (Fried Thin Tofu) into the size that is easy to eat.
  2. Place all the Soup ingredients into a large saucepan or pot, and bring to the boil over medium heat.
  3. Add thick parts of Edible Chrysanthemum and cook for a few minutes, then add soft parts and Abura-age, and cook until soft.
  4. Mix Potato Starch (OR Corn Starch) and Water in a small bowl, add to the boiling Soup, stirring well, and cook until the soup thickens.