‘Instant Ramen Noodles’ is a complete package that comes with Dry Noodles and Seasoning Powder, often with Spices and Flavoured Oil as well. Using the Noodles and Seasoning Powder, I cooked this stir-fry today. As the dish smelled so good, I took this photo in case I would want to share how I cooked it. Well… it was not bad at all. This is how I cooked it.


1 Serving


1 serving Instant ‘Soy Sauce’ Ramen

100g thinly sliced Beef *cut into bite-size pieces
1/4 Onion *sliced
5cm Carrot *cut into thin strips
1 Cabbage Leaf *cut into bite-size pieces
1 small clove Garlic *finely chopped
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
1 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce) *OR Chilli Sauce, Gochujang (Korean Spicy Miso), Chilli Flakes as required
Toasted Sesame Seeds

  1. Prepare Beef and Vegetables.
  2. Heat Oil in a frying pan over medium heat, cook Beef, Garlic and Vegetables. When Vegetables are cooked, add Sugar, Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce) and 2 teaspoons Seasoning Powder that is included in the package.
  3. *Note: Alter the amount of Seasoning Powder, Sugar and Toban Djan to suit your taste. 1/2 teaspoon grated Ginger would be a good addition.
  4. Meanwhile, cook Ramen Noodles in boiling water until soft. Drain and add to the pan, and stir to combine.
  5. Sprinkle with some Toasted Sesame Seeds and enjoy.