Pizza & Flammkuchen

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen

    Anchovy Flammkuchen

    ‘German people would never make this,’ my daughter said to me when I was making this. The fishy and salty Anchovy on Flammkuchen? Why not? I love Anchovy on Pizza, so I added it to the German version of Pizza. This is absolutely delicious! Makes 2 to 4 Servings Ingredients Base1 heaped cup Plain Flour …

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen


    Flammkuchen (OR Flammekueche) is not well known. You even don’t know how to pronounce it, do you? Some people call it ‘German Pizza’. I heard that there are some regional variations, but most commonly Sour Cream is used. It’s surprisingly easy to make and I am loving it! Makes 2 to 4 Servings Ingredients Base1 …

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen

    Super Quick Pizza Base

    When you crave Pizza, why don’t you make one yourself? This base can be ready in 5 minutes. Cover with whatever you like OR you have in hand, and bake it in a hot oven. You don’t have an oven? Then cook it in a frying pan covered with a lid. You will be enjoying …

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen

    Sachi’s Pizza Dough

    I am a cooking enthusiast, but I am not very keen on making pizza from scratch. It is always my daughter Sachi who is willing to work without sparing herself to let us enjoy homemade pizza! I just keep her dough recipe on this website for my own reference. Makes 2 to 3 Large Pizza …

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