The other day I made ‘Black Forest Cake’ for my son’s birthday. Every time I use Canned Dark Cherries, I feel guilty about letting the unused purple syrup go into the drain. I wondered if I could make something with it? Then I made it into Granita. How simple is that? It was actually a lovely dessert and I enjoyed it.


1 Serving


100ml Syrup from a can of Dark Cherries
1 tablespoon Caster Sugar *alter the amount
1 teaspoon Kirsch *OR Amaretto, Rum, Brandy, Grand Marnier, etc.
Dark Cherries from the same can *optional

  1. Add Caster Sugar and Kirsch to the syrup from the can of Dark Cherries. Alter the amount of Sugar depending on the sweetness of the syrup.
  2. Pour the mixture into a small container, add some Dark Cherries from the can, and leave in the freezer until icy.
  3. Use a fork to break up the mixture into crystals. You may wish to enjoy it with ice cream, but it is quite nice as it is.