If you have been to Japan, you might have tried a popular dish called ‘Omu-rice’ (Omelette Rice). It is hugely popular, my children loved it when they were young and they still do, but it is actually not quick & easy to prepare for a whole family. I often made this easy version. It tastes the same, you know.


4 Servings


1 tablespoon Oil *plus extra
1 Onion *finely chopped
2 Chicken Thigh Fillet *about 300g, cut into small pieces
*Note: Pork, Ham OR Canned Tuna can be used instead of Chicken
1 cup Frozen Mixed Vegetables (Carrot, Corn, Peas) *thawed
Salt & Pepper
Ground Paprika, Garlic Powder, etc. *optional
4 to 6 tablespoons Ketchup
4 servings warm Cooked Rice
6 to 8 Eggs

  1. Heat Oil in a large frying pan over medium heat and cook Onion and Chicken (OR other protein), then add Mixed Vegetables. When all is cooked, season with Salt, Pepper and Paprika (and other additional seasonings) quite strongly, then add Ketchup and mix well.
  2. Add warm Cooked Rice and mix well to combine. Add extra Salt & Pepper if required. Place in the serving bowls and clean the pan.
  3. Next you cook Eggs. Whisk Eggs and lightly season with Salt and Pepper. Heat 1-2 tablespoons Oil in the cleaned frying pan over medium high heat. When the pan is hot, cook soft scrambled Egg.
  4. Place the scrambled Egg on top of the rice, drizzle plenty of Ketchup, and serve.