I made Strawberry Shortcake yesterday and had some leftover whipped cream. I made this Chocolate Mousse. This is my favourite way to use up leftover whipped cream.


1 Serving


Whipped Cream
Caster Sugar
Dark Chocolate
*Note: The amount of each ingredient is up to your preference. An example ratio of Whipped Cream and Chocolate is 2 : 1.

  1. Add extra Caster Sugar to the leftover whipped Cream to suit your taste. Mix well.
  2. Place some Dark Chocolate in a heat-proof bowl, microwave until melt. Add a small amount of Rum and mix until smooth. *Note: The amount of Chocolate depends on the amount of Cream. Less Chocolate makes softer mousse and more Chocolate makes harder mousse.
  3. Add the whipped Cream to the chocolate and mix well. Chill in the fridge.