When you have a little bit of leftover Roast Chicken, what do you do? Do you make a Sandwich? Do you use it for Salad? Do you just eat it? Here is a suggestion. Super quick & easy ‘Oyako’ Don. It’s a rice bowl dish. There is freshly cooked Rice under the mixture, though you can’t see it in the photo.


1 Serving


1/4 cup Water
1/8 teaspoon Dashi Powder *OR other instant stock powder
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Mirin
1 teaspoon Sugar *optional, only if you like sweeter flavour
1 thick Spring Onion *thickly sliced diagonally
Leftover Roasted Chicken *torn into small pieces
1 Egg *lightly whisked
1 serving warm cooked Rice

  1. Place Water, Dashi Powder, Soy Sauce and Mirin (and Sugar) in a small frying pan (18-20cm) OR saucepan, and bring to the boil. Add Spring Onion and Chicken, and bring back to the boil.
  2. Pour the lightly whisked Egg over but DO NOT stir. Cover with a lid and cook until the Egg is softly set.
  3. Half fill a bowl with warm Cooked Rice, cover it with the mixture, and enjoy. *Note: Sprinkle with some Shichimi (Japanese Chilli Spice Mix) if you have it.