Prawns Takikomigohan

My sister first cooked this dish many years ago. It became one of my family’s favourite dinner dishes. I altered her recipe and now I am cooking it for my own family in Australia. This dish is again so easy and delicious and your rice cooker does the job. My children always love it served with their favourite Tofu & Egg Soup.


4 to 6 Servings


Rice 3 cups (*180ml cup)
Vegetable Stock or Seafood Stock (OR Water & Stock Cube)
Onion 1 *finely chopped
Finely Chopped Parsley 1 tablespoon
Raw Prawns 200g
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil 1 tablespoon
Frozen Peas & Corn 1/2 to 1 cup

  1. Prepare the Prawns. If you use Frozen Prawns, thaw them thoroughly.
  2. Wash Rice and place it in the rice cooker. Add Stock up to the 3-cups-marking.
  3. Add Onion, Prawns, Parsley, Olive Oil and Salt & Pepper. Then press ‘COOK’ button to start cooking.
  4. Thaw Frozen Peas & Corn. When the rice is cooked sprinkle Peas & Corn over the rice and let them steamed for 10 minutes. Then loosen and mix gently.