I always have a jar of rum-steeped Raisins/Sultanas in my pantry. It’s good to have, because they do magic on simple ice-cream or chocolate or anything. I highly recommend you to keep this in your pantry, too.
See my ‘Rum & Raisin Granita’ recipe and ‘Rum & Sultana Cake’ recipe.


Raisins OR Sultanas

  1. If Raisins (OR Sultanas) are coated with Oil, you may wish to remove the Oil. Place Raisins in a heat-proof bowl, pour over boiling water to cover, then drain very well.
  2. Find a small glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid. Place Raisins in the jar. Pour enough Rum to cover them.
  3. Let it sit in your pantry for a few days, inverting the jar occasionally to make sure all the Raisins are getting coated.