Tonkatsu, the deep-fried Pork Cutlet coated with Panko Breadcrumbs, is not particularly difficult to cook, but it’s time consuming. Thats’ why, when I cook it, I always cook extra. And the leftover Tonkatsu can be used for many ways. This sandwich is called ‘Katsu Sando’ in Japan and it’s very popular. This is something I look forward to enjoying the next day.


1 Serving


1/2 or 1 Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)
2 slices Bread
Butter OR Margarine
1/4 to 1/2 Cabbage Leaf *finely sliced
Tonkatsu Sauce *If Tonkatsu Sauce is not available where you live, you can make a sauce that tastes similar. Find the recipe here.

  1. Spread Butter (OR Margarine) on the slices of Bread. Place finely sliced Cabbage on one of them.
  2. Spread Tonkatsu Sauce on both side of Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet), place it on the Cabbage. If you still have Cabbage, you may wish to place it on top of Tonkatsu. Sandwich with the other slice of Bread.