I still remember the day when I tasted this dish at a small cafe in Okayama, Japan. It was nearly 30 years ago. I went to the Okayama Police Headquarter to obtain a certificate that I needed to apply for an Australian visa. I was tired and hungry, and stopped at the cafe for late lunch. I don’t remember the name of the dish. It was a cold spaghetti dish. I had no idea how they made the creamy green sauce and I didn’t know what the salty bacon-like ham in the dish was. Sometime we come across unforgettable food, don’t we? That spaghetti dish was certainly an unforgettable food. This is my version of the dish, and this is pretty close to what I ate that day.


1 Serving


1 serving Spaghetti
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 clove Garlic *squashed OR finely chopped
1/2 Ripe Avocado *mashed
1-2 tablespoon grated Parmesan Cheese *plus extra for topping
1/4 cup Milk *You might need extra 1-2 tablespoons
Salt & Black Pepper
2 to 3 slices Prosciutto *torn OR cut into smaller pieces

  1. Cook Spaghetti in boiling salted water according to the instruction on the package.
  2. Place Olive Oil and Garlic in a heat-proof mixing bowl, and heat in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds OR until aromatic.
  3. Add mashed Avocado and Parmesan, and mix well. Add Milk and season lightly with Salt & Pepper, and mix well. Add Prosciutto, but you may wish to save some Prosciutto pieces for topping.
  4. Drain cooked Spaghetti, rinse under cold water, drain again, then add to the bowl and combine with Avocado mixture.
  5. Add some Prosciutto pieces and extra Parmesan on top, sprinkle with extra Black Pepper, and enjoy. *Note: You can add Tomato, a little bit of Lemon Juice and Herbs such as Basil.