King Oyster Mushrooms (aka Eryngii), that have meaty texture, are suitable for crumbed fries. As King Oyster Mushrooms don’t have strong smell or taste, these crumbed fries can be enjoyed with different flavoured sauces. I found my ‘Curry Ketchup Sauce’ was good. Mexican Salsa and Italian Tomato Sauce were also good. What sauce would you like to eat with?


4 Servings


200g King Oyster Mushrooms *smaller size recommended
Salt & Pepper
1 to 2 tablespoons Plain Flour
1 Egg *whisked
‘Pnako’ Breadcrumbs
Oil for frying
Dipping Sauce of your choice *e.g. Curry Ketchup Sauce, Mexican Salsa, Italian Tomato Sauce, ‘Tonkatsu’ Sauce, etc.

  1. Clean King Oyster Mushrooms, cut into quarters lengthways. Season with Salt & Pepper.
  2. Coat King Oyster Mushrooms with Plain Flour, dip into Egg, then coat with ‘Pnako’ Breadcrumbs.
  3. *Note: You can mix some grated Parmesan and herbs with ‘Panko’ Breadcrumbs.
  4. Deep-fry or shallow-fry until golden. Transfer to a rack and drain the oil. Serve with your favourite sauce. Today I served with Spicy Tomato Chutney.