If you are a beginner cook and trying to cook a curry, I recommend to try this one. You don’t need to buy a lot of spices. I always use Curry Powder. My favourite is Japanese S&B Curry Powder. To cook delicious curry, there are some steps you shouldn’t skip, such as caramelising Onion. It’s not difficult. You just need to read ‘Method 3’.


4 Servings


2 tablespoon Oil *OR Butter
1 large Onion *finely chopped OR cut into small pieces
1 to 2 cloves Garlic *finely chopped OR grated
1 small piece Ginger *finely chopped OR grated
2 tablespoons Curry Powder *plus extra to coat Chicken
1 can (400g) Diced Tomatoes *OR diced fresh Tomatoes
1 cup Chicken Stock *OR 1 cup Water and 1 Stock Cube
1/2 to 1 teaspoon Salt *alter to suit your taste
600g Chicken Thigh Fillets *cut into large chunky pieces
1 to 2 tablespoons Mango Chutney *optional, but highly recommended
Greek Yoghurt to serve *optional

  1. You don’t need to cut Chicken Thigh Fillets, but if you want to cut, cut them into large chunky pieces. Lightly season with Salt and 1 teaspoon Curry Powder, and set aside.
  2. Heat Oil in a deep frying pan over medium low heat, cook Onion until caramelised or nicely browned.
  3. *Note: DO NOT keep stirring. If you stir constantly OR too often, it won’t brown. The important trick is to leave it alone for a few minutes OR enough to brown, then stir. You repeat this ‘LEAVE IT & STIR IT’ until it is nicely caramelised. It won’t take very long.
  4. Add Garlic and Ginger, and mix to combine. Add Curry Powder and stir for a minute, then add canned Tomatoes and Chicken Stock, and bring to the boil over higher heat. *Note: If you frying pan is not large enough, transfer to a pot.
  5. Add Chicken and Salt, cook until Chicken is cooked and the sauce is thickened. Add Mango Chutney, mix to combine. Taste the flavour, and add extra Salt if required.
  6. Enjoy with freshly cooked Rice of your choice. Today I used Basmati Rice. It can be served with Unsweetened Yoghurt.