It was when I was making ‘Instant Iced Tea’, I realised that I could make Lychee Tea in the same way. I made ‘Jasmine Tea & Lychee Agar Jelly’ the other day and I saved the leftover syrup from the can of Lychees and froze it in an ice tray. Using the frozen Lychee Syrup, this lovely Lychee Tea can be made absolutely instantly.


Tea Bags OR Tea Leaves *I used Black Tea
Hot Water
Frozen Lychee Syrup Cubes *see ‘Method 1’
Ice Cubes

  1. Drain a can of Lychees in Syrup, save the Syrup, and store Lychees in fridge. Pour the saved Syrup into an ice tray and freeze.
  2. To make Instant Lychee Tea, make strong tea with less hot water than normal, and add Sugar to suit your taste.
  3. Place some Frozen Lychee Syrup Cubes and plenty of Ice Cubes in a glass, and pour the Tea that is still hot. Add some Lychees and enjoy.