I have a super easy Ice Cream recipe ‘Azuki Ice Cream’. The ingredients are Tsubu-an (Sweet Azuki Paste) and Thickened Cream. I made this ‘Pumpkin Ice Cream’ in the same way. I first made sweet Pumpkin Paste and mixed it with whipped Cream. I wanted to add Rum rather than Vanilla, so I added Rum-steeped Sultana Raisins. Wow…


3 to 4 Servings


1/2 cup smoothly pureed Cooked Pumpkin
3 tablespoons Caster Sugar *alter the amount depending on the sweetness of the Pumpkin
1/4 cupful Rum-steeped Raisins OR Sultanas
1/2 cup Thickened Cream *softly whipped

  1. Place the pureed Pumpkin and Caster Sugar in a bowl, and mix well. Add Rum-steeped Raisins OR Sultanas, and combine.
  2. Whisk Thickened Cream in a mixing bowl until soft peaks form. Add the Pumpkin mixture and mix well. Freeze for 2 to 3 hours or until almost firm.