• Dough Spaghetti & Pasta

    Jeanette’s Pasta Recipe

    Many years ago, my then young daughter gave me a pasta machine as a Christmas gift. She asked me to make home-made pasta many times but I never used it, and one day I decided to sell it on eBay. My daughter said it was OK to sell it because I was not using it, …

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen

    Sachi’s Pizza Dough

    I am a cooking enthusiast, but I am not very keen on making pizza from scratch. It is always my daughter Sachi who is willing to work without sparing herself to let us enjoy homemade pizza! I just keep her dough recipe on this website for my own reference. Makes 2 to 3 Large Pizza …

  • Dough Udon

    Home-Made Udon

    More and more people make Italian pasta at home these days. Do you know you can make Udon noodles at home quite easily? Freshly cooked home made fresh Udon noodles have great rubbery and chewy textures. The dough is very stiff and it might be too hard for you to knead, so people knead the …

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