Harusame & Rice Noodles

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Vegetables

    Cabbage & Harusame Salad

    I often keep a large containerful of thinly sliced cabbage and carrot in my fridge. This mix is ready to use for salad or anything. I often add extra ingredients to it such as egg or canned fish, and season with a dressing. Here are the three dressings that I like. This salad looks far …

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Pork Vegetables

    Mabo Harusame

    A Japanese word ‘Okazu’ is hard to be translated into English. There is no English word that has the same meaning. The Japanese principal food is rice (short grain). The most typical meal in standard Japanese cuisine is called ‘Ichijū Sansai’ which means ‘One Soup & Three Dishes’. This doesn’t include rice. These dishes are …

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles

    Sweet Potato Noodles Stir-fry

    I love Korean food. Since a Korean grocery store opened in a nearby suburb, I have been trying Korean ingredients for my cooking. And now I am in love with Korean noodles made from sweet potato starch. The unique rubbery texture of the sweet potato noodles is similar to Shirataki OR Itokonnyaku. Try this yummy …

  • Chicken Harusame & Rice Noodles

    Chicken Harusame Salad

    You have some Roast Chicken leftover? Try this simple noodle salad. It will be a very yummy light meal. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Harusame Noodles1/2 to 1 Cucumber5 to 6 leaves Cos LettuceRoast Chicken *skin removed Dressing Ingredients 1 tablespoon Sugar2 tablespoons Soy Sauce2 tablespoons Rice Vinegar1 tablespoon Sesame Oil1 tablespoon Roasted Sesame Seeds1 …

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Vegetables

    Harusame Salad

    Harusame are the noodles made from potato starch or mung bean starch. Low in calories and great for salad and soup. This dish is something we always crave for when weather is warmer.It’s so refreshing and yummy. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Harusame Noodles1/2 to 1 Cucumber1 Carrot4 slices Ham2 Large Eggs *make thin omelettes …

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