There is a very popular leafy vegetable called ‘Komatsuna’ in Japan. It’s impossible to find it in Melbourne where I live. However, there is a substitute. An Asian vegetable called Choy Sum is very similar to ‘Komatsuna’. This is a very popular stir-fry dish of ‘Komatsuna’, but I used Choy Sum.


3 to 4 Servings


1 Bunch Choy Sum *about 300g
200g Enoki
*Note: You might think the amount of Choy Sum and Enoki is too much for 3 to 4 Servings, but it is not. The volume would be significantly reduced. You might wish to cook more.
1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
1 clove Garlic *finely chopped
1 small piece Ginger *cut into fine strips OR grated
1 pinch Salt
1/4 teaspoon Dashi Powder *I used Kombu (Kelp) Dashi Powder
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Mirin *OR 1 teaspoon Sugar

  1. Wash Choy Sum very well, cut into 5cm long pieces, and separate hard stem parts and green leafy parts.
  2. Cut off the bottom of Enoki, clean them, cut in half, and tear into smaller clusters. Prepare Garlic and Ginger.
  3. Heat Sesame Oil in a frying pan, cook hard parts of Choy Sum over high heat for a few minutes, add Garlic and Ginger, and stir. Then add leafy parts, add Salt, and stir.
  4. Add Enoki, Dashi Powder, Soy Sauce and Mirin, and stir-fry until Enoki is soft. Taste it, and add extra Salt if required.