Everyone’s favourite Japanese sweet ‘Strawberry Daifuku Mochi’ is not hard to make, but I wouldn’t say it is easy to make. When I saw rice paper desserts on the internet, a great idea came to me to use rice paper to make Daifuku Mochi. Soon I discovered many people were already doing it. The texture of Rice Paper is different from Mochi, but this is good enough and its’ Super Easy!


1 Serving


2 sheets Rice Paper
2 Strawberries
2 tablespoons Sweet Azuki Paste *smooth Azuki paste is more suitable
Potato Starch Flour *OR Powdered Sugar

  1. Wrap each strawberry with 1 tablespoon Azuki Paste and make a ball.
  2. Dip a sheet of Rice Paper into hot water (NOT boiling hot) and place it on a plate. Place one Azuki & Strawberry ball in centre, and wrap it. Repeat with remaining Rice Paper.
  3. Lightly coat with Potato Starch Flour (OR Powdered Sugar).