Azuki (Red Beans)

  • Azuki (Red Beans)

    ‘Kintsuba’ Azuki Cakes

    I sometimes crave for Japanese sweets, which I know I can’t purchase from any shops near my home. Therefore I have to to make them. If I were in Japan, I wouldn’t even try. There are so many delicious and artistically created beautiful Japanese sweets easily available anywhere. ‘Kintsuba’ Azuki Cakes are easy to make. …

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    ‘Sekihan’ Azuki Rice

    This dish is traditionally prepared to celebrate special occasions in Japan, because its red colour which is symbolic of happiness. The dish is called ‘Sekihan’ (Red Rice) in Japanese and basically steamed Mochi-gome (short grain glutinous rice) with Sasage Beans that are very similar Azuki Beans. These days more people conveniently cook it using rice …

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    ‘Anpan’ is a Japanese sweet bread roll filled with red bean paste. ‘An (sweet paste filling) + Pan’ (bread) can be made with other fillings but the most popular filling is Azuki, red bean paste. Japan has a children’s super hero named ‘Anpan-man’ who’s head made of ‘Anpan’. The ‘Anpanman’ stories are very popular and …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Sweets


    ‘Taiyaki’ is Fish-shaped pancake with yummy filling inside. The most common filling is ‘Tsubu-an’, the sweet red bean paste. Other recommended fillings are custard, chocolate, fruit jam, or Nutella. Savoury filling would be nice as well. Be creative and enjoy making your own ‘Taiyaki’. Taiyaki pans are available from many online retailers. I bought mine …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Sweets

    Matcha Dango with Tsubu-an

    My favourite type of Dango is ‘Kusa Dango’ and they are very green because the dough is made from Rice flour and young leaves of ‘Yomogi’. ‘Yomogi’ used to be growing absolutely everywhere in Japan and my mother and I used to have a walk to collect ‘Yomogi’ leaves when we made ‘Kusa Dango’. It’s …

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    Do you know Doraemon, the Gadget Cat Robot from the Future? Doraemon is a character from Japanese classic comic series. He loves Dorayaki. Dorayaki is a simple sweet. Two small pancake-like sponge wrapped a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste. It is easy to make at home. Makes 6 to 8 Ingredients Self-Raising Flour …

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    Mochi Crepe with Tsubu-an

    I love Mochi Sweet like Daifuku, which is small round mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste. But where I live, it is too hard to find. The only way I can eat them is making them by myself. Then I came up an idea to make them absolutely easily. Makes 6 Servings Ingredients Rice …

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    This recipe doesn’t use yeast. My mother used to make these ‘Anman’ steamed buns for breakfast really quickly. Sometimes she made the buns with the dough mixed with raisins with no filling. Makes 6 Buns Ingredients Tsubu-an OR Koshi-an 6 tablespoonfuls or as required Self-Raising Flour 1 & 1/2 to 1 & 3/4 cups Sugar …

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    Matcha & Azuki Cake

    Matcha has become very trendy in Australia. For cakes, cookies, teas, latte drinks and ice creams, I can see Matcha foods everywhere. Only recently I started enjoying Matcha flavour after disliking it for many years. To make this cake, I simply added Matcha powder to my sponge cake recipe and it worked. You can use …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Cold Sweets

    Azuki Ice-cream

    Absolutely super easy yet so delicous recipe. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Tsubu-an 200g Cream 200ml Method 1. Whisk cream in a mixing bowl until soft peaks form. 2. Add Tsubu-an and mix well. 3. Freeze for 4 to 5 hours or until almost firm.

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    You can make light & smooth Koshi-an very easily by using Powdered Azuki Beans. But Powdered Azuki Beans is very hard to find in Australia. Making it from dry Azuki Beans from scratch is very demanding hard work. So here is the very easy method to make Koshi-an using food processor. Makes About 700g Ingredients …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Sweets


    ’Tsubu-an’ is the most popular ‘An’ (bean Paste) and the canned ready-made Tsubu-an that contains a lot of sugar and additives is available from most Japanese or Asian grocery stores. But it is so easy to make! If you have never made it by yourself, try it just once. You will never wish to buy …