Squid & Octopus

  • Squid & Octopus

    Stir-fried Squid with Garlic & Anchovy

    ‘Anchovy Garlic Sautéed Green Beans’ is one of the most popular recipes listed on my website. I love Anchovy & Garlic. And I love Squid. If I mix them together? It got to be delicious, but it needs a kick in the flavour. Enjoy it with plenty of cracked pepper or Shichimi (Japanese chilli spice …

  • Squid & Octopus Takikomigohan

    Squid ‘Okowa’ Glutinous Rice

    Steamed glutinous rice dishes can be cooked by rice cooker. It’s much easier and quicker, which is more suitable for our modern lifestyle. Just like other my glutinous rice dishes, this dish is also really yummy and easy to cook. If you like ‘Mochi’, you would love its rubbery texture. Makes 4 to 6 Servings …

  • Squid & Octopus Vegetables

    Marinated Squid Salad

    I love Squid, especially ‘Squid Sashimi’ which I have never had in Australia. Fresh squids are not available where I live. Frozen or thawed squid tubes are available from any supermarkets. But the whole squids are less than half the price and they don’t smell like chlorine like the processed squid tubes do. If you …

  • Okonomiyaki Prawn & Shrimp Squid & Octopus


    ‘Takoyaki’, a ball-shaped savoury snack, is one of the dishes that most foreign tourists try to eat in Japan. To make ‘Takoyaki’, you need a ‘Takoyaki’ pan. Do not give up if you don’t have one, I heard that Cake Pop Maker or Mini Pancake Pan are just fine for making ‘Takoyaki’. It doesn’t matter …

  • Squid & Octopus

    Grilled Squid

    This is perfect for BBQ. Easy to prepare, easy to cook, and delicious! Great with cold beer. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Squid Tubes 3 to 4Spring OnionShichimi (Japanese Chilli Spice Mix) Marinade Ingredients Garlic 1 clove *gratedGinger 1 small piece *gratedSake 1 tablespoonMirin 2 tablespoonsSoy Sauce 3 tablespoons Method Combine Marinade Ingredients and marinate the …

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